About BrandZ

BrandZ brings a selection of items from different brands committed to fair and sustainable trade. There, you will find products for all tastes! The initiative is born from the desire to support local businesses and value brands and designers who often do not have their own physical space or were affected by the disappearance of markets during the pandemic.


BrandZ wanted to enhance their online presence, requiring comprehensive support across various digital platforms. They were in need of strategic guidance to revamp their social media strategy, implement effective email marketing automation, and develop a modern, user-friendly website to better connect with their audience.

With BrandZ, we took the reins on transforming their digital landscape. From crafting engaging social media content to setting up email marketing automation and developing an improved website, every step was aimed at amplifying BrandZ Store’s online presence.
Together, we worked to create an immersive digital experience that reflects their ethos and captivates their audience.

We delved into their digital presence, conducting a comprehensive audit to identify areas for improvement. With a keen understanding of their target audience and brand voice, we crafted engaging content for their social media pages that resonated with their followers.

From visual designs to compelling storytelling, each post was curated to showcase brands that offered unique offerings and values.

The outcome was a unified digital setup that not only boosted BrandZ's online visibility but also cultivated stronger ties with its audience

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