About Anjos70

Anjos70 Art & Fleamarket is a market located in the heart of Lisbon. This unique space is a meeting point for art lovers, collectors, and curious people looking for a unique and immersive experience.


Anjos70 is constantly looking for improvements to improve the experience of both sellers and visitors. We recently developed a new and innovative registration system for sellers, simplifying and streamlining the market participation process, both internal and external to the market.

Now, with the automated process, sellers interested in participating in Anjos70 Art & Fleamarket can easily register through an intuitive online platform. This new approach eliminates unnecessary work and bureaucracy, allowing artists, collectors, and artisans to submit their participation proposals effectively and quickly.

We also implemented a highly automated internal system for the candidate selection process, relieving the Anjos70 team’s workload and simplifying the process of choosing event participants.

We also had the pleasure of designing the entire website, to renew the entire creative and diverse essence of Anjos70. This new website provides visitors with simplified navigation, presenting detailed information about the events, participating vendors, important highlights, registration processes, and even answers to the most frequently asked questions.

We're thrilled about these changes and eager to keep devising strategies to streamline and automate tasks for our clients

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