About Artists & fleas

Artists & Fleas is a dynamic alternative market created by Moçes, that fosters creativity and community through a vibrant mix of local art, crafts, music, food, and performances, creating a unique and engaging atmosphere for individuals with a young spirit.


Artists & Fleas sought to establish a clandestine membership page for sellers, enabling them to reserve spaces for their participation on preferred dates. The page needed to be organized by labels, facilitating seamless transactions and efficient event planning for both sellers and organizers.

Only the members who were approved by Moçes could enter this membership secret page, so we created all the approval and reject processes.

Artists & Fleas envisioned distinct membership pages for each label, featuring tailored pricing and information, allowing sellers to easily select their desired participation dates. This customized approach aimed to streamline the reservation process, ensuring efficient event planning while accommodating the diverse needs of sellers across various labels.

We integrated secret membership pages into Artists & Fleas’s existing website, providing sellers with an intuitive platform to reserve spaces for their preferred dates across different options.

Our solution included robust back-office controls for managing sellers and reservations, streamlined payment processing, automated billing, and synchronized automated email marketing notifications.

By integrating marketing automation with Squarespace, we optimized efficiency, making tasks more automated and user-friendly for the Artists & Fleas's team, facilitating smoother operations, and enhancing customer experiences.

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